Windows 7 Keyborad shortcuts for Sticky notes

By | April 26, 2016

Windows 7 Keyborad shortcuts for Sticky notes

In this post we are going to see how we can use keyboard shortcuts to work with Sticky notes in Windows 7 system. Most of us are using Sticky notes in our day to day life for taking some notes, todo list, reminders, etc. Here are some of the Windows 7 keyborad shortcuts for Sticky notes.

Text Alignment:

To align a text in the sticky notes, first we need to select the text which is to be aligned and by using the below keyboard shortcuts we can align them.
Ctrl + E – Center align
Ctrl + L – Left align
Ctrl + R – Right align


Working with font attributes is easy when using the following keyboard shortcuts,

Ctrl + Shift + > – increase font size
Ctrl + Shift + < – decrease font size
Ctrl + B – Bold
Ctrl + I – Italic
Ctrl + U – Underline
Ctrl + T – Strike through


Ctrl + N – New Note
Ctrl + D – Delete Note

Also we can use the following shortcuts,

Ctrl + A – Select All
Ctrl + X – Cut
Ctrl + C – Copy
Ctrl + V – Paste
Ctrl + Z – Undo
Ctrl + Y – Redo

I hope you guys will find this helpful.


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