How to leave a google+ community

By | July 7, 2016

How to leave a google+ community

In this tutorial we are going to see how we can leave a google+ community from various devices. If you would like to leave a google+
community you can leave at any time. Leaving a community also unsubscribes you from notifications for the community.

If you just want to disable the notification and don’t want to leave the community you can do so in the community’s page.

You can follow the below steps to leave a googl+ community,

In Android App,
1. Open the Google+ app.
2. Touch the down arrow near the upper right corner.
3. Touch communities and click on the community name from which you want to leave.
4. Touch the menu button and click on “Community settings” and touch “Leave community”.

In Desktop,
1. Open Google+.
2. Click the drop down menu which is in the upper left corner and click on “Communities”.
3. Click the name of the community from which you want to leave.

leave google+ community

leave google+ community

4. Click the gear icon near the community name in the left corner, and choose “Leave community”.

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